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Reclamation in Red:  Indigenous Birthworkers for the Liberation of Nations

Angelita Borbon, Glenda Abbott, Nicolle Gonzalez


Resisting Surveillance, Reimagining Support: Drug Use, Pregnancy and Parenting 

Erin Miles Cloud, Lisa Sangoi, Nila Natarajan, Zainab Akbar

This panel will invite the audience to dismantle myths and stigma around drug use, pregnancy and parenting and radically reimagine support and wellbeing for drug using mamas and their babies outside the child welfare and foster system.

Creating a Movement for Reproductive Justice

Dana Ain-Davis, Loretta Ross, Lynn Roberts

This panel will center the legacy of organizing toward Black liberation. We'll honor the voices and shifting landscape of the reproductive justice movement by looking back at its legacy and visioning toward the future?

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